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COVID-19 Surveillance

The measures included on this page are daily indicators of how Illinois and its regions and counties are being impacted by COVID-19.  IDPH continues to monitor these indicators to identify early increases of virus transmission, and stress on hospital resources.

Data are provisional and are updated daily.

Data Updated:

Case Rate/100,000 Population

Percentage ICU Beds Available

COVID-19 Diagnosed Hospital Admissions

Weekly Deaths Reported

Case Rate 7 Day Rolling Average

ICU Availability 7 Day Rolling Average

Admissions 7 Day Rolling Average

Weekly Deaths


Case Rate Per 100,000

Each day, for each region and county, a 7-day average case rate is calculated by dividing the sum of COVID-19 positive tests reported to IDPH over the most recent 7 days by the population, and multiplying by 100,000,  rounded to one decimal place. 

Calculation: 100,000*[Sum of positive tests for most recent 7 days] /population

Weekly Reported Deaths

Each week, for each region and county, the weekly count of deaths is calculated by counting the number of deaths that occurred because of COVID-19 and that were reported to IDPH during the previous week.

Calculation: Count of deaths due to COVID in a week.