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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Protecting People Who Are Subjects in Research

The IDPH Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews research studies to ensure that the rights and well-being of people who are subjects in research are protected. It is the IRB’s vision that investigators are provided with thorough and timely review of their research proposals and that persons participating in research are assured the research is conducted in an ethical and accountable manner.

To submit your request, download the applicable forms listed below. Complete and sign the forms, attach any required documents according to instructions (see Instructions for Extramural Investigators, 2. Request Submission, on page 2) and email them to the relevant Responsible Individual(s) found on the Responsible Individual contact list above. If you need further assistance, contact us at 312-814-5173 or 312-814-5278.

  • Application(.doc) - updated 10/22/2020
    • Appendix A: Exempt Determination Request
    • Appendix B:Research Involving Human Blood, Urine or Tissue Collection for Analytical Testing and/or Storage (.doc) - updated 01/10/2013
    • Appendix C:Consent Waivers (.doc)
    • Appendix D:Request for Waiver of Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Identifiable Records or Protected Health Information (PHI) (.docx) - updated 06/24/2016
    • Appendix E:Request for Expedited Review of Research (.doc)
    • Appendix F:Study Amendment Request (.docx)
    • Appendix G:Progress Report (.doc)
    • Appendix H:Unanticipated Problems and/or Adverse Events (.doc)
    • Appendix I:Final Study/Closure Report (.doc)